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I have to renew my passport this week.

Here are some PASSPORT TIPS & INFO: If you renew by mail, they will send you your old passport back. (good!) The forms for renewal are at the post office. You can take your required passport photos at CostCo, in the photo developing department, for $4.99!! (They even let you look at ‘em to see if they suck & don’t charge for re-do’s.)

*~* Happy Fall *~* It’s the first day of fall otherwise known as autumnal equinox. The word equinox derives from two Latin words meaning “equal night.” It is one of only two days in the year (the other being the vernal or spring equinox) when the sun is directly perpendicular to the equator, resulting in exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. The sun rises at the South Pole today for the first time in six months. In the northern hemisphere it’s harvest time.

And back-to-school shopping time (if you haven’t already done so), and fashion week (okay, last week…)

 FAB. by a hair.

 Fail. How I would “FAB” this: jeans instead of these leggings. Or flats instead of these platform heels. Ditch the 2 boxy tops for 1 and layer something more figure flattering either on top or underneath.

 FAB. Not only is this a cute leggings outfit (which seems to be the travel trend now vs. maxi dresses we were seeing…) but she’s not wearing her skinny jeans & heels!


 FAB. Okay, okay! I know! I usually don’t include here b/c her airport outfits are ensembles that seem more appropriate for a wedding. While this isn’t exactly, or close to, what I’d wear to the airport, I love it. I love her hair!




(source: FadedYouth, Yuku/jjb)

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